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What is the Connections Online Quiz League?

It's an online quiz where teams try to solve various questions about what connects a seemingly random set of clues.

How does it work?

Al the games are played over Zoom and are hosted by one of our paid team of hosts.

Do I need a team?

This is a team game, every match is 3 v 3. As we provide the host you don't need a squad bigger than 3 players but some teams may choose to have reserve players.

I don't have any friends to start my own team, can I still get involved?

Of course. Go to the individual sign up tab and give us some information. We'll look to place you in a scratch team with link minded individuals.

How good do I need to play?

There are some exceptionally good players in the league including players who have won series of Only Connect but there will be multiple divisions and you should be playing against teams of similar ability to you. So no matter how good you are you should still enjoy the thrill of playing in the Connections league.

I've got my team together, what do I do next?

Fantastic, fill out the form in the register section. We'll try and arrange a friendly match for all teams prior to the season starting so you can see how it all works.

When are matches played?

The teams will liaise with each other to pick a convenient time each week. No games can be played on Mondays as we will use this time to explain the questions to the hosts and complete all admin for the upcoming week. You then complete the online form which shows the date you want to play and one of our hosts will agree to read for that match. They will then contact you with the Zoom details for your match.

I'm a busy person, how long do matches last?

Most games should last around 45 minutes depending on how much chatting goes on. Sometimes games may take a little longer and friendly matches using old questions will be offered each week.

What if we can't agree on a time.

Teams have a full week to find a time that both teams can manage. In the highly unlikely event that teams cannot find an hour to fit the game in then they will contact the league for arbitration who will decide on a time to play. Any team not fulfilling a match will forfeit that game and lose a league point.

We only have a squad of 3 players, what do we do about a host?

COQL will provide a host for every game so you do not need to worry about this.

Who are your hosts?

Our hosts are all experienced quizzers who understand the rules and format of the COQL. They are paid for their services and will have been briefed on every question asked each week and all alternative answers allowed.

How big can our squad be?

This format works best if teams create a certain synergy and therefore we recommend keeping your squad as small as possible, however, there is no limit to the size of your squad.

Can I add played to our squad after the season has started?

You may, just let us know and remember that players may only play for one team each season. There is no maximum squad size but we recommend keeping your squad as small as possible as this will help you create the best synergy.

Do I have to pay to play?

Yes, running the league requires a highly technical website to be built and maintained. Questions for this format are extremely difficult to write and our team of professional setters need paying for their time. Each game has a dedicated host who is paid for these duties plus this league will require numerous hours of man power to organise. The current fees are £165/$220 per team per season.

What do I get for my £165/$220?

Your team will play a full league season of a minimum of 11 matches and usually 12 or 13, each hosted by a professional host with expertly written questions. You also have the opportunity to play this unique format which is just not available anywhere else.

How do I pay?

Once your team has registered you will be sent bank details to complete a transfer. If you are based outside the UK then payment is made via PayPal to the email address

Is this league open to anyone across the world?

Yes, this league is run by a team based in the UK but we have both a UK and a US conference and teams can choose which to play in and the league is open to teams from literally anywhere in the world.

What can I win?

In keeping with the tradition of the TV show on which this league is based, the winners of each division will receive a team trophy.

With it being played online, how do you know people aren't cheating?

Cheating is outlawed. All played will be visible on their webcam or phone throughout the quiz and anyone found to be trying to look up answers during the matches will forfeit their match and be permanently ejected from the league.

Are you in any way licenced or affiliated by the TV show Only Connect or the BBC?

No, we have spoken to the production team at Only Connect as well as the lawyers from the BBC who own the copyrights to the TV show Only Connect. They have given us their blessing to run this league provided we don't infringe on any copyrights which we are not doing. But we are not licenced or affiliated to the BBC in any way.

What do I do if I have any questions not covered by this section?

Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.