Online Quiz League UK - Newsletter - 2021-08

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OQL Season 4 is at an end! We're having a short break, but in the meantime here's a quick reflection on Season 4 and details of Season 5.


Congratulations to the following teams for their divisional performances.

Jon Jacob Cup – Winners – Spiral Scratch – Runners-up – Disparate Origins

Handicap Plate – Winners – Team North East – Runners-up – Hollywood Upstairs Medical College

Division 1 – Winners - Geoff Maltby Fan Club– Runners-up – Quiz Machine Kills Fascists

Division 2 – Winners –  Banana Splits– Runners-up –  Scatterbrains

Division 3 – Winners –  Underdogs – Runners-up –  Lockdown Latecomers

Division 4- Winners – The Outsiders – Runners-up – The Tyrell Corporation

Division 5- Winners – McCarthy's Muppets – Runners-up – Psychedelic Felines

Division 6-1- Winners – Third Degree Vern – Runners-up – Social Quizstancing

Division 6-2- Winners – Nemesis– Runners-up – Jolly Mixtures

Rookie D1 – Winners – The Old Gits – Runners-up – 24 Minutes from Tulse Hill

Rookie D1 – Winners – Thrown Together – Runners-up – TOWIE

Rookie D1 – Winners – Blind Dates – Runners-up – Doomscrolling Stones


We are now encouraging teams to register for Season 5. There are lots of ways to confirm your place in the competition. Firstly you can register at Please put any team line-up changes on your registration form.

You can just email [[1]] to advise us you're returning and let us know any line-up changes. Or, just feel free to message Jon Stitcher directly.

Once you've confirmed you're returning your registration is confirmed by making payment. Please make the payment of £55 at . Thank you to all of those who've already done this.

You are able to register for multiple seasons to receive a price break. It's £55 a season but if you sign up for two seasons you'll pay £105, three seasons is £150 and four seasons is £190. These are the dates for the upcoming seasons. Please note there will no longer be a friendly week before each season.

You may have seen that the schedule has been change slightly to allow for longer breaks between seasons and a full summer break, these are the dates of the upcoming seasons.

Season 5 – September 29th – December 8th 2021 (These is NO JJ cup after this season)

Season 6 – January 7th – April 22nd 2022

Season 7 – May 4th – July 13th 2022 (There is NO JJ cup after this season but BOOQL will run)

Season 8 – August 31st - 14th December 2022

Any new teams to the league will start in a rookie division. They will then be moved into the main league after their first season, occasionally an extra strong rookie team may need to go quite high in the main league which could result in some extra relegations. We will only do this if necessary.

You can also refer a new team to the league. For every team who joins the league and quotes your team name in their registration form your team will receive £20 credit. So, sign a few teams up and you'll get a free season with OQL.


This competition focussing on Pop Culture has just begin with over 300 entrants! We are overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for this competition, we'll be running this again in early 2022 so please keep an eye on our Facebook groups for more information.


The Magnusson-Trebek Trophy is a season competition between the UK and IRE teams and the US teams. The top two teams in each division will play their US counterparts in a one-off match all played on 19 September. There will also be an all-star game for the top scoring individual players, an all-star novice game, for the best newcomers and a match between the setters. The USA currently hold the trophy after an 9 ½ – 7 ½  victory in May so we're hoping to see the UK and IRE seek revenge this time around.

If you would like to spectate and cheer your countryfolk on then just let us know.


We now run a competition based on the hit BBC show, Only Connect. The first season of this was incredibly popular and season two commenced on August 9th. The third season of this will begin in early 2022 so please keep an eye out for more information. If you, or any member of your team would like to set some questions for this competition please do get in touch.


OQL are excited to announce that in November we will be commencing our first ever Buzzer Quiz. This will take place at Bishop Challoner Catholic College in King's Heath Birmingham. This competition is now full but we hope to make it an annual event.


OQL have a lot of plans for the future but none of this would be possible without the loyalty of all our wonderful players. I can never thank you all enough for participating in OQL and I really hope you stay with us for a long time. If there is anything I can do to help improve your enjoyment of the league then please let me know. I will always listen to my players and we are always striving to improve the league.

Best wishes

Jon and the rest of the OQL team.