Online Quiz League UK - Newsletter - 2021-06

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Dear teams,

This week marks week 8 of OQL season 4 so we are past half-way through the league season and have lots of exciting divisions, especially Division 1 where just 2 points separate the top 4.

I am writing to you today as we have a few announcements to be made, these can also be found in the newsletter section of the website so please share these with your teammates:


Each season we run the Jon Jacob handicap cup. As the name suggests, this is a handicap cup competition open to all teams who have played in the league this season. There is no additional cost to this and the cup will run for 5 weeks with teams playing a maximum of 7 games and, because we run a plate competition, all teams play a minimum of 2 matches. If you wish to play in this competition you don't need to do anything and we will email you with all the details prior to the commencement of the competition. If you do NOT wish to participate please email [[1]] to alert us.


It has been brought to OQL's attention that there is a chance that one of the home nations could be playing in a European Championships Semi Final kicking off at 8pm on Wednesday 7th July. Whilst we appreciate that there are large amounts of players in OQL who have no interest in football we also acknowledge that there are a lot of people who would prefer to watch this match rather than play a quiz.

We took a poll of our players in the Facebook group and the majority have voted for the following:-

Should England, Scotland or Wales make it to the semi-final match being played on the 7th July then OQL will postpone all matches, the league will be delayed one week and everything will continue from then.

This means that Season 5 will start straight after season 4 and the Cup and Plate finals would be played on the 25th August instead of the 18th. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to any teams but we do feel it is the correct decision. We will announce the postponement as soon as we know that England, Scotland or Wales will be playing in this match.


OQL run a few events and one of the most popular is our Connections Online Quiz League. This is based on the hit BBC show, Only Connect. Season 2 is due to commence in August and you can read about the competition and sign up at . You can also read the comments from players who played in the first season and watch some matches.


The 2nd season of the Low Brow Mimir will commence on the 23rd August. This competition encompasses all things pop culture. The questions are all on subjects like, TV, film, Pop Music, sport and games, lifestyle, celebrities etc. This is an individual competition and because of our unique format everyone has a genuine chance of winning a trophy. To read more about the competition or to sign up to play just go to:

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Please share with your teammates and if you have any questions please email us at

Best wishes