Individual Championships - FAQs

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So what is it and how does it work?

This is a series of individual quizzes taken by players around the country in specially proctored venues. Each player will face the same quiz which contains 30 questions on each of the OQL Categories. Whoever gets the most right will be the winner of that event but we also be offer prizes for all of our category winners. We will also provide rankings for overall performances and for each subject so you can see how you compare with the best of the best and also monitor your own improvement.

Sounds great, how do I get involved?

Registration for the January event is now OPEN for registration you just head on over to the registration page to register. You can see a list of all the locations you can play the quiz at our venues page.. You can register for each event as it comes around or bulk register for 4, or 7 events to receive discounts. If you have any questions prior to entering then please email us at

Where are the local venues?

We currently have venues all around the UK and you can see the full list of venues at Individual Championships - Venues. If you think your area of the country is unrepresented and would be interested in hosting a local venue please email us at

When are the events taking place

Here you can see our full schedule for 2024 including who'll be setting each quiz. Each event will have some different venues so always check the venues page for each event.

January 20th - Aidan Linge

February 24th - Rachel Clark and Alexia Jarvis

March 23rd - OQL World Championships written by Rob Hannah

April 27th - Andrew and Frankie Fanko

June 29th - Innis Carson and Jon Stitcher

July 27th - Best of British and Irish quiz written by Aaron Linge. This event will form part of the OQL British Quiz Weekender so there will be fewer separate venues.

September 28th - Jack Bennett

October 26th - Lauren Hamer and Lucy Reynolds

What is the July event?

The July event will form part of the British Quiz Weekender, a huge event taking place in Blackpool. Everyone attending this event will have their entry included and there will be a few venues around the UK and Ireland for those not attending the British Quiz Weekender.

What are the categories involved?

It's mostly the 8 categories involved in a standard OQL match but with a few tweaks to make it an exact 50/50 split of high-brow and low brow. The 8 categories will be as follows.

Art and Literature

TV and Film






Pop Culture.

Each event will see ranking points offered for each of the subjects so you can see how you compare with everyone else in the country on every subject.

Can you give us a breakdown of what will appear in each category?

This will appear on the question sheets, the main difference between these categories and the standard OQL ones is that music has been removed. Classical music will now appear in Art and Literature. Pop music will now appear in the "Pop Culture" category alongside all other forms of entertainment which aren't TV and Film. This will include things like anime, computer games, podcasts, hobbies and games etc. This does also mean that sport will be purely sport. A full breakdown of each category appears on the home page for this event.

How long will the event last?

Players will have around 105 minutes for the main quiz and then there will be marking at each venues. We also provide a fun team quiz and a buzzer quiz for the afternoon of each event which is completely voluntary but is very enjoyable. (Some venues differ by schedule, this will be communicated to you)

What happens if there's an overall tie or a tie in a category, how do you decide who wins?

There will be a nearest the bull type tie-breaker in every category so any ties will be sorted by that and we will give prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd in every category and the overall top 3.

What do I do if I have any other questions

Anything at all just email us at and we'll be glad to help.