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Welcome to the page for Live VIII - The Online Quiz League's Individual Championships.

This is a series of eight individual written quizzes taking place at various events up and down the UK and Ireland where players all tackle the same questions at the same time to compete for medals and ranking points across our eight different categories and overall rankings.

Each quiz will feature a different writer and each event will also include fun quizzes to be played in the afternoon, there will usually be a team quiz and a buzzer quiz to be played at each venue (individual venues may vary schedules and events slightly)

Entry fee is just £11 per event (£2 surcharge to participate in London) or you can register for 7 events at once for just £65 (£14 surcharge for London), or for 4 events at once for just £40 (8 surcharge for London) and then all you need to do is select your venue each month.

The July event will form part of the OQL British Quiz Weekender so will not be included in the above multiple event registration.

The full schedule and writers for each event for 2024 is as follows

January 20th - Aidan Linge

February 24th - Rachel Clark and Alexia Jarvis

March 23rd - OQL World Championships written by Rob Hannah

April 27th - Andrew and Frankie Fanko

June 29th - Innis Carson and Jon Stitcher

July 27th - Best of British and Irish quiz written by Aaron Linge. This event will form part of the OQL British Quiz Weekender so there will be fewer separate venues.

September 28th - Jack Bennett

October 26th - Lauren Hamer and Lucy Reynolds

Registration for the January event will open very soon. Watch this space and when we're open for registration you just head on over to the registration page to register. You can see a list of all the locations you can play the quiz at our venues page. If you have any questions prior to registering please email us at . Please contact us by email if you have any concerns about accessibility or if you have any special requirements that you would like us to accommodate for you.