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The OQL Pop Culture Challenge is an individual quiz competition where all the questions revolve around pop culture. The TV shows we've grown up with, the sports we cheer for every weekend, the music we listen to on spotify, the films we stream, the food and drink we enjoy and much much more. You won't be asked about Kings and Queens or classical music, this is low brow quizzing at it's finest.

The OQL Pop Culture Challenge uses the Mimir quiz format (named after Mímir, a Norse god renowned for his knowledge and wisdom). Matches are played between four players, with their respective positions (in seats 1 to 4) drawn at random. You can read more about how the structure works in Pop Culture Challenge - Rules. Or you can watch a video written by our friends at All Things Quiz, that video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ISTLVH6_to

Over 300 players participate each season in Pop Culture challenge and due to our unique structure most of your games will be against players of a similar standard to you so you will have lots of close and interesting matches whilst answer questions on your favourite topics.

PCC costs just £30 to play and you will get to play 9 expertly written quizzes for that, if this is your first ever event with OQL you'll get a £5 discount and you can also read matches for other people to accumulate unlimited OQL credit which can be used for any event within OQL. Read enough and you can quiz for life for free!

PCC is written to meet the abilities of a massive range of quizzers, we have Mastermind champions, Chasers, Eggheads and Brains of Britain playing in PCC but we also have people who just love a good quiz and don't care how they do. You'll find PCC has something for everyone and you could even end up playing against your quizzing heroes.

If you have any questions before signing up just drop us a line at info@onlinequizleague.com and whenever you're read head over to Pop Culture Challenge - Register to register for the upcoming season.

Season 5 started in February 2023 and the deadline to get involved has passed. Season 6 will commence at the end of August so look out for information regarding this event later in the year.