Pop Culture Challenge

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The Individual quiz tournament on pop culture subjects: TV, film, music, sport, lifestyle etc.

Every player is guaranteed 9 matches. You will play 6 qualifying matches to determine your tier for the knock out stage which will then be a further 3 matches. Players eliminated in the knock out stage will play the remaining games as friendlies for ranking positions.

It is 4 points for winning a game and any player who fails to show for a game will receive 1 point for a first no-show and be eliminated from the competition for a second no-show.

This hugely popular question will feature the same fantastic questions, same scheduling process, same prizes, all round it's the same competition that over 300 of you enjoyed so much in previous events.

It's £30 entry and you can recoup that by reading matches as each game you read for earns you £2.50 in reader credit which can be used for any OQL competition.

We recommend all players and prospective players join our Facebook group located at https://www.facebook.com/groups/popculturechallenge