Online Quiz League UK - Cup - Season 11

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Schedule for Jon Jacob Cup at the end of OQL Season 11

The draw is available at

With 144 teams entering the cup there will be a preliminary round consisting of 32 teams. Here is how the full schedule will work.

Week 1 - 15th November. The 32 teams drawn in the preliminary round will be placed in 8 groups of 4 all playing in the same Zoom room using breakout rooms. The two winners of the preliminary games then meet in the cup round 1 immediately after the preliminary game. The two losers of the preliminary games then play each other in the first round of the Plate. Whichever teams lose their second game of the night are eliminated from both competitions. The other 112 teams play Cup round 1 on this night. The winners progress to Cup round 2, the losers move to Plate round 2.

Week 2 - 22nd November. There will be 64 teams in each of the cup and the plate at this stage. They will play Cup Round 2 and Plate round 2. Any team which win progresses to the third round, any team which losers is eliminated from both competitions.

Week 3 - 29th November. There will be 32 teams in each of the cup and the plate at this stage. They will play Cup Round 3 and Plate round 3. Winners progress to the 4th round and the losers are eliminated.

Week 4 - 6th December. There will be 16 teams remaining in each of the Cup and the Plate. This week we play both the 4th round and the quarter finals so teams are in groups of 4 each group playing on the same Zoom using breakout rooms. The winners progress to the quarter finals which is played immediately afterwards on the same Zoom. The losers are eliminated but are welcome to play the Quarter Final set as a friendly.

Week 5 - 13th December. We will be down to the last 4 teams in each competition. The semis and the final will be played on the same night in the OQL Zoom room. The winners of the semis go to the final and the losers can play a 3rd v 4th game if they want.


As we now have significantly more than 128 teams in the league and the cup can only really accommodate 128 teams the top performing teams in each up will enter a brand new Super Cup in the following cup season. The number of entrants will be the amount required to leave 128 in the main cup. All entrants in the Super Cup will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches.