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TV, Film, Music, Sports, Games, Hobbies, etc. A quiz league for individual players. Exclusively pop culture questions from our team of talented writers.

Games with four players take place each week. After five weeks of matches all players will enter a three-week tournament stage where divisional champions will be crowned.

This is an individual online trivia league dedicated to the more fun side of knowledge. Questions about your favorite TV shows, songs you love, blockbuster movies, iconic sporting events, celebrity lives, food and drink and all things fun.

$30 entry for 8 weeks of matches guaranteed. If you're new, it's just $25. You will also earn $2.50 credit for reading other matches, up to 10 per player, so you can play absolutely free if you read enough! This credit can be used for ANY of the OQL run events including future seasons. Read enough and you can quiz for free with OQL indefinitely!

If you found out about this league via a website or individual, mention their affiliate code when signing up for discounted entry.