Online Quiz League USA - History

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Division Champions

Season From To Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4
1 2020-09-29 2020-12-20 Neutral MILF Hotel Gluttons For Punishment My Dinner With Andre' 3000 Sobermetrics
2 2021-01-12 2021-05-02 4 Out of 5 Cats American: The Real Housewives of Henry VIII
National: My Dinner With Andre' 3000
Rose: Plush Toy of the Apocalypse
Thistle: The Expats
Ruby: Nothing Golden Can Stay
Sapphire: Sinead O'Connor and the Pips
3 2021-05-04 2021-09-19 Neutral MILF Hotel American: Crash Test Smarties
National: Smurves
Rose: Danny Dyer's Chocolate Homunculi
Thistle: The Greatest Quiz Show On Earthsea
Flamingo Bellagio
4 2021-09-21 2021-12-12 Neutral MILF Hotel American: Nacho Love
National: Taco Belly Rubs
Rose: Texas With A Dollar Sign In Front Of It
Thistle: Chewbacchanalia
Diamond: Sophie's Second Choice
Gold: Risky Quizness
Pearl: Nerdical Limit
5 2022-01-11 2022-05-15 Neutral MILF Hotel American: Crash Test Smarties
National: Poyekhali
Rose: No Better Social Distancing Than The Atlantic Ocean
Thistle: Trivia Team Unite
Diamond: Dunning-Kruger Experts
Gold: In-Quiz-Ition
Pearl: A Sinister Slew
6 2022-05-17 2022-09-18 Lawful Evil MILF Hotel American: Trivia Team Assemble
National: Chewbacchanalia
Rose: Queen Latifah's Gambit
Thistle: In North Macedonia Born and Raised
Diamond: Moderna Major Generals
Gold: Gabe and the Holograms
Pearl: Zero Cat Thirty
Silver: Threat Level Midnight GMT, 7pm Eastern