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  • The OQLUSA Regions competition will follow the same in-game rules, conduct rules, and protest procedures - and use the same standings points (win, loss, close loss, draw) - as the team OQLUSA format, using the Free Guess Rule. Tier 1 matches during the second half of the season will NOT use the Free Guess Rule. See: Online Quiz League USA - Rules
  • The 11 matches in the season will be played once per month.
  • The first five matches of the season will be round robins in 12 regions of six teams. There are 6 regions in each of two Conferences, East and West.
  • After regional round robins are completed, teams will be sorted into 6 tiers based on finish, and play another five match round robin within their tiers and conferences. The final match of the season will match up teams in opposite conferences based on finish, creating championship matches and other placement matches in each tier.
  • We reserve the right to add a twelfth match and incorporate a top-4 playoff in Tier 1 culminating in a National Championship match in December.