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/'ti:m ɡəda 'i:/ ("TEAM guhda EE")

Because if you're Welsh, there is an I in team...

One of the original 28 Founder members of OQL D1 and current long-term residents of D2, Tîm Gyda I were formed by Welsh national team captain Gareth Aubrey to provide a lockdown home for South Wales' best quizzers (and one very good one from Yorkshire!)

Our lineup now includes Mastermind finalists Ant Fish, Eleanor Ayres and Dave Cowan, University Challenge star Ben Russell Jones and Mark Labbett who's also on TV from time to time...

If you are interested in quizzing in or for Wales, please contact Gareth at quizwales AT gmail.com

This is a Team Page. Player links, statistics, results, upcoming schedule, history and awards is planned for here.