International Culture Challenge

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The events that shape our history, the places you have to visit, the science of how the world works, the operas you can't miss, the paintings you have to see, the books you must devour and the philosophies that define our world. A quiz league for individual players that begins at the start of November 2022.

Games with four players take place each week, each player plays nine matches games. After 6 weeks of matches all players will enter a knockout stage where divisional champions will be crowned.

Price is £30/$35 or €32.50 or, if this is your first individual competition with OQL, the discounted rate of £25/$30 or €27.50. You will also earn £/$/€ 2.50 credit for reading other matches with no cap on this. This credit can be used for ANY of the OQL run events. Read enough and you can quiz for free with OQL indefinitely!

Season 4 will run to the following schedule

Week 1 - Monday 7th November to Sunday 13th November

Week 2 - Monday 14th November to Sunday 20th November

Week 3 - (Double length week to account for US Thanksgiving) Monday 21st November to Sunday 4th December

Week 4 - Monday 5th December to Sunday 11th December

Week 5 - Monday 12th December to Sunday 18th December


Week 6 - Monday 9th January to Sunday 15th January

Week 7 (Quarter finals) - Monday 16th January to Sunday 22nd January

Week 8 (Semi finals and placement games) - Monday 23rd January to Sunday 29th January

Week 9 (Finals and placement games) - Monday 30th January to Sunday 5th February

Head over to the register tab to join us.